Caerdav LTD chooses Cornerstone International for expert and reliable support with International Payments

International Payments

Caerdav is one of the only independent UK-based MROs, specialising in the A320 and B737 families of aircraft. Due to the nature of the business, Caerdav have business dealings in various countries around the world and needed help in ensuring they were obtaining the most competitive rates when making and receiving payments.

Through our partnership with Equals PLC, we were able to provide Caerdav with a dedicated member of the International Finance team, ensuring all their needs were met and they were able to obtain the best rates on the market.

Since working with Cornerstone, Caerdav have managed to save significant amounts through Cornerstone International and now use the service weekly.

The Challenge

Chris Coleman, Finance Manager of Caerdav, needed to find a solution when it came to managing the international payments for the company. He had used other companies in the past. However, with a busy schedule and limited time, he needed someone to support him through the process. Chris said:

“International payments are not my forte – There are numerous companies in the market, and I needed to find one that would be reliable and give me the support I needed.”

He explains:

“As Finance Manager for Caerdav, it’s my responsibility to make and receive payments to and from suppliers and customers from many countries around the world. For some time, I had been searching for the right company to manage our requirements and expectations.”

Why Caerdav Chose Cornerstone International

Chris Coleman (Caerdav) approached Rob Johnson, our Director of Strategic Partnerships, following a recommendation. After an initial discussion, Rob introduced Chris to a specialist account manager who was able to walk Chris through the whole process and ensure him he had access to the most competitive rates and access to 24/7 support.

Chris was also very keen to hear about some of the companies that had used the service in the past. When he learnt that companies such as Asos, Burger King, Chelsea FC, and other major brands alike used the service, it put his mind at ease using a service he knew little about. He said:

“With my limited knowledge of international payments and the importance of this for Caerdav, it was important for me to have support at all times and know that I was being looked after by a reputable company.”

How Cornerstone Responded

Cornerstone made sure the whole process was very smooth from the start. What was very apparent was how Chris likes the exceptional expertise in this specific area and the initial support to get the first transfers made. Everything was explained clearly and in a way that helped Chris learn the ins and outs of the payments. Chris said:

“Rob Johnson introduced me to Thanim at Equals, who is clearly an expert in his field. Thanim was very thorough and explained all the options available to our company and now helps manage our exchanges on a regular basis as our account manager.”

The Results

The results have spoken for themselves, Chris and Caerdav have been extremely happy with the service, support and results they’ve seen through using this service. They now make regular international payments, and we are building a strong relationship with them. Chris said:

“With no transaction fees when making a transfer and having an account manager on hand to advise on the best time to make our transfers, we have already seen the financial benefit of choosing Cornerstone and Equals.”

“I can’t recommend these companies highly enough and looking forward to many more successful transfers and payments through them.”

Find the right money-transfer solution

If you feel yourself or a company you work with could benefit from the expert service, Cornerstone International can provide for international payments and transfers, please get in touch for an informal chat. Alternately, click here to read more information on our website and obtain a no-obligation quote.