Seizing a Dream Opportunity in Cornwall’s Leisure and Hospitality Industry

Cornwall’s Leisure and Hospitality Industry Case study

Mr. and Mrs. Price approached Cornerstone seeking urgent financing. Their dream? To purchase a leisure and hospitality business in a beautiful part of Cornwall. This endeavour wasn’t just about expansion – it was about fulfilling a lifelong aspiration.

The clients had a clear vision of their desired outcomes if they were successful, and we were fully aligned with their plan and the potential it held to supplement their existing business endeavours.

Challenges Faced:

Time was of the essence. Having experienced delays in raising finance previously before contacting Cornerstone, they were determined not to jeopardise their dream purchase. With the early Easter holidays fast approaching, swift action was crucial to ensure the business could open its doors in time to capture the seasonal influx of visitors.

Our Approach:

From the outset, Cornerstone understood the gravity of the situation and the significance of the opportunity for the clients. We worked closely with the clients to fully understand their business plan and ideas and together, we formulated a strategy to secure the necessary financing without delay.

The client said:

“Cornerstone not only understood our vision but shared our enthusiasm for this venture. Their swift action and unwavering support were instrumental in turning our dream into reality.”

Key Milestones:

  1. Understanding the Vision: We worked closely with the clients to understand their business plan and aspirations for the leisure and hospitality venture in Cornwall.
  2. Securing Financing: Leveraging our network and expertise, we were able to obtain interest and subsequent credit sanction from a High Street Bank on terms that met the clients’ needs.
  3. Streamlined Process: Valuations and legals were immediately instructed, with the collaboration of the bank, lawyer, and broker, ensuring a seamless transaction process.
  4. Timely Completion: Despite the time constraints, the entire transaction – from initial approach to completion – was accomplished within a remarkable two-month timeframe, enabling the business to commence operations ahead of schedule.

This case study exemplifies Cornerstone’s commitment to understanding client needs, delivering tailored solutions, and facilitating seamless transactions to bring entrepreneurial dreams to fruition within the Leisure and Hospitality Industry.