Commercial Mortgage | 25 Years | £245,000

Cornerstone Commercial Finance and Cambridge & Counties bank worked together to secure a £245,000 commercial mortgage, allowing Gaffa Property Investments Ltd to proceed with a multi-unit development in Ystrad Mynach, South Wales. This development consists of four commercial units, as well as one residential unit comprising a flat.

The four commercial properties host a number of local businesses including an estate agent, beauty salon and coffee shop. Paul Griffiths, Director of Gaffa Property Investments Ltd as well as a highly experienced local property developer and investor, has undertaken extensive refurbishment and modernisation work on the buildings, including an extension.

Semi-commercial properties have a commercial and a residential element, most commonly in the form of shops which have flats above them. Semi-commercial loans are a highly effective means to finance such assets and, for investors, can help diversify a portfolio through a mix of short-hold tenancy agreements (residential) and longer leases.