Integrate your Pension Scheme into your commercial projects and gain access to funding through pension led funding.

What is Pension Led Funding?

Pension Led Funding allows you to use your pension scheme to release finance and use with commercial or business projects. This type of funding is ideal if you are looking for working capital for business projects, or you like the idea of being the landlord for your own business.

How you can use Pension Led Funding?

A Self-Administered Pension Scheme can be used in a number of ways, ranging from:

  • Lending money to your own company
  • Investing in commercial property or land
  • Investing in development projects
  • Share capital

How we can help?

Our team of experts have comprehensive knowledge of the pension scheme market and can help you every step of the way.

We work exclusively with Professional Pension Trustees who will assist you in the setup and operation of your own pension scheme, and provide you with access to the resources you need to operate your pension correctly.

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