We’ve put together some case studies from other businesses who have utilised pension-led funding.

Case Study

An under-utilised and less well-known option available to Self-Administered Schemes is the ability to lend money to a Sponsoring Employer. A Sponsoring Employer is usually the company that an individual (or individuals) will be directors and shareholders of, and which is involved in the set up and operation of a SSAS.

Case Study

The second principal area where a pension scheme might be of benefit is in its ability to transact in commercial property. This can take a variety of forms, and again, a simple example may assist with demonstrating this.

Case Study

Another area where pension schemes can be utilised is through property development. In simple terms, this means using the pension scheme to acquire land or commercial property (perhaps in a dilapidated state) and using its own funds to undertake development.

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